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Since our first lever handles were designed in 1971 by architect and designer Knud Holscher, d line has been known for architectural hardware that is unmatched in both quality and craftsmanship. With a vision to produce durable, sustainable and aesthetically minimal products, created and tested by leading designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Knud Holscher and Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), d line occupies a special space between the classic and the innovative.

Hooks, towel racks, door handles, toilet brushes, toilet roll holders, knobs and key escutcheons are all examples of its pieces, which subtly support and emphasise – rather than distract from – the architectural spaces they occupy. Each collection places as much importance on function as on look, ensuring that, whether in bathrooms, entrance halls or kitchens, hygiene and aesthetics are always prioritised.

d line products share a streamlined and effortless style, yet are never anonymous, and since each is handcrafted by skilled employees in our own factory, their quality is always guaranteed. Our pieces are created by people for people, designed and made to be used and loved for many years. For us, this human element of the design is essential, and at the factory, each product moves through specialised machines and knowledgeable hands as they morph from idea through prototype to final result. We are a design brand that constantly innovates – in technology, processing methods and production techniques – so that functions and needs can be met in any project, whether a major architectural build or a private home.

d line creates ambitious, intelligent solutions that endure, meaning an investment in our products isn’t just about the recognition of good Danish design and solid craftsmanship, it’s about a holistic approach to life. With 50-70% recycled steel and a 20-year guarantee on our products (with the exception of electronic parts), ours is a brand that’s committed to modern design that combines Danish design heritage with exceptional quality.




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