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Arne Jacobsen lever handle

Arne Jacobsen lever handle

Add a little extra to your interior with an Arne Jacobsen lever handle


Few people have considered, how big of an impact a lever handle can have on your interior’s appearance – it’s the small things that makes a big difference. At d line you can find Arne Jacobsen’s iconic and coveted lever handle in brushed stainless steel or polished brass, a detail that can add that little extra to your home.

Put focus on the details with Danish design

Arne Jacobsen is famous for his clean, simple lines, his durable materials and classic creations that never goes out of style. Functional, edgy, quality, simple and timeless is what defines Arne Jacobsen’s lever handles –  the AJ97 lever handle (small) and AJ111 lever handle (large) was originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen in 1960.

To d line, good design equals authenticity, originality and integrity and we are proud to say that d line is the only company producing the Arne Jacobsen lever handles.

Lever handles, that fits your door perfectly

Arne Jacobsen lever handles are produced in 2 different sizes – AJ97 and AJ111 and they come in 2 different colours – brass and brushed steel. AJ97 lever handles (small) are mainly designed for internal doors (middle doors), whereas the AJ111 lever handle (large) is designed for external doors (main- and back doors). But both models can be mounted on both middle- and main doors, if you wish to have a specific expression in your home.

The characteristic, organically curved shape is modern in its expression and the epitome of Danish design at its best. The aesthetical, sustainable lever handle is handmade and designed to be used diligently through generations. It has a unique ball bearing, that ensures a long product life cycle. When you purchase an Arne Jacobsen lever handle d line gives you a 20-year guarantee.  

The brushed, stainless steel fits every home that is a fond of details. In the polished brass version, shape and material transforms into a higher unit. The soft, curved lines of the lever handle is fusioned with the vivid brass, that compliments every door in the house.

See the assortment of Arne Jacobsen lever handles in our shop.

The advantages of buying your AJ lever handle at d line:

  • When you buy Arne Jacobsen AJ97 and AJ111 lever handles you get an autenticity certificate. Read more about how to avoid copied products.
  • Long product life cycle due to the lever handle being handmade and the ball bearing.
  • You get a 20-year guarantee.
  • You receive everything for the mounting of the lever handle + the mounting and maintenance manual.
  • You get free shipping when you buy for more than €135 / £120.
  • Free and easy return.

The Arne Jacobsen lever handle in your home should both fit the door and the interior design

When you have found the lever handle design, that fits your home perfectly, it’s important that you choose the type of lever handle that exactly fits your door.

Get help to choose your lever handle.

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