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Knud Holscher

Knud Holscher

Knud Holscher is a Danish architect and industrial designer who has been with us since our beginning, having conceived our launch line of architectural hardware in 1971 as ‘modest design, designed to last.’ Holscher’s pure design thinking has won him over 70 awards, including many iF Design Awards dating back as far as 1978 and the first d line lever handles and door stops.

Our 1971 launch collection was born of the coordinated toolkit of stainless steel architectural products that Knud Holscher designed in the 1960s while working on St. Catherine’s College, Oxford under Danish design icon Arne Jacobsen. This included the brand-defining lever handles Ø14mm U and L, whose precision balance came from their sharply bent sections maintaining the radius of their cross sections. Their curved iconography is integral to d line’s design language and lives in the many products Holscher has since designed for us.

Having established Knud Holscher Design in Copenhagen in 1995, Holscher has since worked with a team that includes his architect son, Rasmus, and that designs everything from future-proof buildings like Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport, to future-proof hardware and bathroom accessories for d line.

“Architects have a mind for unity. In terms of design, coherence is the word; the series forms a unity in concert with the architecture” — Knud Holscher

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