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Sif's DIY entrance

with polished brass

For the restoration of her entrance, Sif from Nybyggerne used our hooks, towel rails and knob handles - all of it in polished brass.

"Our 32 feet long and 3 feet wide entrance has advanced completely! I have built a long piece of furniture that consists of three benches and two cabinets, it has a lot of space for storage and hides the electricity cabinet. The thought behind the design, is that our little son can use the furniture and crawl around on it. He also got his own cabinet that matches his height and a bench that can be opened and used for storage. When i was a child i LOVED children's furniture - i mean do you remember the feeling of stepping in to a bathroom that has it's own small toilet for children?   

I would like to put a coat rack up. I have cut the baseboards, milled them, painted them and put the most amazing brass handles on it. 

Inside the cabinets i have used d line towel rails, where i have turned them upside down and put some open s-hooks on them."

- Sif Steendahl Grandorf from Nybyggerne (@lesifre_design)

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